Little paw Daycare Centre

Parent Handbook

Revised: June 2016

Welcome to Little paw Daycare



This handbook is an information source for parents of children enrolled in the pre-school kinder group and school age centres of Little paw daycare operates business as Little paw daycare.  It was produced with input from the Executive Directors, Staff and members of the Little paw daycare Board. It contains the philosophy behind the policies and procedures of the centres, as well as practical information that parents need. It speaks from those of us at the centres to you, the parents.

Parents are encouraged to review the Policy Handbook, which has more detailed information regarding our policies. The Policy Handbook is available at each of the centres and on our web page (

  1. Mission Statement

Little paw daycare recognize each child as a human being worthy of respect and strive to provide the environment and tools and experiences required for each child to grow to his or her individual potential.

  1. Philosophy

We provide a warm, loving and caring atmosphere in which children learn through play and experiences. Children are recognized for their abilities. It is an inclusive, learning environment in which a child can develop and grow at his or her own pace. We provide creative and stimulating activities that encourage social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. Our program goals are to nurture independent thought, self-confidence, co-operation and social skills.

Staff members co-operate to provide harmony throughout the day.

  1. Locations and Programs

614 Brimley Road, Toronto, ON M1J 1B8

  • This program operates year round, with exception of statutory holidays including Easter Monday.

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Kindergarten and School age

  • This program operates from September to June, with exception of statutory holidays including Easter Monday.

Summer Camp – This program operates July and August

  • Open to local children, Camp forms are available on line from our website as of February 1st.
  1. Staff

All of our E.C.E. (Early Child Educator) is registered with the college of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario and in compliance with its Code of Conduct and Standards of Practice. Assistant teachers may be qualified or in training to become E.C.E. High school students 18 years of age assist in the late afternoon. Relief staff, when required is referred by Nursery Support or Sentient, organizations that provide “supply teachers” for daycare centres.

All Staff who work directly with our children undergo:

  • A Police Reference Check through the Police Services
  • Health and Immunization check
  • First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Behavior Management monitoring
  • Workplace Health and Safety – WHMIS

Staff is provided with opportunities for additional training on an ongoing basis

All Staff sign a contract stating that they will not baby-sit children enrolled in any of the daycare centres. This prevents any conflicts that may occur.

Volunteers and Students

We may have volunteers and/or students working within the organization throughout the year.  At all times, volunteers and students are under the direction and supervision of Staff.

  1. Staff/Child Ratio

We adhere to the staff/child ratio set out in the Day Nurseries Act.

  1. Curriculum

Our Emergent Curriculum follows the Elect Principles.

Emergent Curriculum is a non-traditional style of teaching that presents children with the gift of discovering the world around them by encouraging them to explore life through their own interest and passions. It is “Child led” or “Child based” learning as opposed to “teacher directed” learning.

Emergent Curriculum is beneficial to your child’s development by validating children’s curiosity in learning and enabling them to follow their passions; it lets them have the character building satisfaction of discovering by oneself while focusing on each child’s strengths and improving on his or her weaknesses.  It helps create a confident self-assured child hungry and eager to discover the world around them.

Our Staff has embarked on this new style of teaching by being a “co-learner” following the lead of the children. By seeing what interests the children staff is able to create a stimulating and explorative program. Co-learning involves observing and documenting daily to gather information, consequentially tailoring a program that promotes a child’s natural curiosity for learning through play. Play is a means to early learning that capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity and exuberance. Through play children are able to make sense of the world. Ideas and skills become meaningful tools for learning is practiced and concepts are understood. Play engages a child’s attention when it offers a challenge that is within the child’s capacity to master.

Documentation provides tangible evidence of the progression that children and teachers have followed their exploration together. Our Interactive Development classroom observation and documentation chart is an example of one of the various documentation tools used as evidence of our observations. The number (i.e. 2.3) is from the Ontario Learning Framework from the ELECT.

  1. Parent Participation

We encouraged parents to participate in their child’s care. Some of the ways you can be involved include:

  • Becoming a member of the parent board or volunteering to assist the board.
  • Attending General Meetings of the membership of Little Paw Daycare.
  • Joining in the fund-raising activities of the daycare
  • Assisting on field trips
  • Being a participant or part of the audience for the annual stage production
  • Coming to the daycare celebrations
  • Meeting other parents at social events
  • Attending the Parent/Teacher progress report evening
  • Share information about your home life, culture, Country of birth.
  • Read a story to your child’s class
  • Talk to your child’s class about your profession
  1. Nutrition

Menus are planned by a qualified dietician and meet all requirements by Children’s Services (Early Learning and Care Assessment for Quality Improvement) and the Canada Food Guide.

Menus are posted in each classroom.


For birthdays the child and his/her group help to prepare a low sugar simple cake. 

Food Allergies and Special Diets

If your child has food allergies please discuss them with the supervisor of the centre.

Many allergies can be accommodated in the regular meal program. In some cases, you will be asked to provide your own food.

The daycare makes every effort to serve only foods that do not contain peanut or other nut products.

  1. Diapers and Change of Clothes

Parents needs to provide diapers and wipes for children in the infant and toddler rooms. You will need to provide any diaper creams etc. to be used. Please make sure that they are clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Please note: prescription creams etc. will require that you complete a medical form. Creams must include a doctor’s note or prescription on the label.

Your child’s teacher will discuss toileting with you when your child shows signs of toilet readiness, we will work out a plan on how you would like to proceed with the toilet training. We will offer suggestions that may work. While children are training, please provide extra clothing.

Please provide outdoor play clothes appropriate to the weather.

During the winter scarves are forbidden item of clothing given their potential danger with outside play equipment. You will be notified if special clothing (for example bathing suits) is required.

  1. Clothing Identification

Please label all of your child’s clothing, including boots, shoes, hats mittens etc. It is easy to get children’s clothing mixed up. Children often have to change or remove clothing after messy activities, outside activities and water play etc.

For an easy, hassle-free solution consider purchasing labels for your child’s clothing and shoes. 

  1. Illnesses and Accident

We will call if your child gets sick during the day and we require a prompt response

The daycare’s illness policy is designed to minimize the risk of exposure to illness that your child faces. Consequently, children are not permitted to attend the centre if they have:

  • A communicable disease

Any child with a communicable disease i.e. whooping cough, or measles must be kept at home for the full period required by Public Health regulations. A DOCTORS NOTE MAY BE REQUIRED FOR RE-ADMITTANCE INTO THE DAYCARE PROGRAM. DEPENDING UPON THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT HEALTH POLICY.

  • A rash or skin infection

If your child shows unusual skin condition such as a rash, or sores (other than a diaper rash) it is required that

1) The child may not attend the Daycare, and 2) the child sees a Doctor.


  • A fever

If your child has a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (or over), we require that he/she not attend the Daycare as a fever usually indicates an infection. When a child is feverish, they are not usually able to participate in daily routines. YOUR CHILD CANNOT RETURN TO THE DAYCARE UNTIL HE or SHE HAS BEEN FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS (NOT JUST OVER NIGHT), WITHOUT THE AID OF FEVER REDUCING MEDICATION. Though many children look fine when they wake up in the morning, the fever usually returns in the mid to late afternoon, confirming they are still ill.

  • Diarrhea or Vomiting


               AT THE DAYCARE, YOU WILL BE CALLED TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD. If this occurs at

home, we request that you do not bring your child into the Daycare. Your child may return to

the daycare after she or he has not vomited or had diarrhea for 24 hours (not just over night) to

ensure that your child is well enough to participate in the program.

  • Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

If your child exhibits discharge from the eyes, it is requested that he/she not attend the Daycare

unless they have been treated with antibiotic eye drops.

  • Antibiotics

If your child has been sent home with a high fever and is diagnosed with an infection and

requires antibiotics, we recommend that your child be at home for 24 hours after starting

their medication to allow your child to build up his or her energy and to allow the medication to

take effect before he or she returns to Daycare.

  • Head Lice

If your child is found to have head Lice while at the Daycare your will be called to pick up your child. Your child will be allowed back to the Daycare after treatment and all lice/nits have been removed from his or her hair.

(We will provide literature from the Health Department when we have any cases of lice).

  1. Accidents

 Despite all of our precautions, accidents can occur. Staff will treat routine bumps and bruises and let you know what happened. In the case of serious accidents, you will be promptly notified and if appropriate we will call an ambulance.

Serious Occurrence

When a serious occurrence happens a report is sent to the Ministry of Education. A written report is posted on the Parent Board for all parents to read. This report is posted for 10 days following the serious occurrence.

  1. Medication

 Medication must be in its original container and must be clearly labeled. Please put the medication in the medicine box in the fridge or cupboard.

Parents must fill in the medication chart with their child’s name, medicine, dose and the time it has to be given. An E.C.E staff will administer the medicine and observed by a second staff. Both staff will initial the medication chart. Please discuss medical procedures, such as wound dressing, eye drops, respiratory masks etc. with the Directors/Supervisor.

Note: A doctor’s authorization is required for any non-prescription medication.


  1. Hours and Holidays

All of the centres are open from 7.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except statutory holidays and Easter Monday.

  1. Late Pick-Up

 Please make every effort to pick your child up by 6 p.m., as late pick up is very stressful for your child. Telephone or email ahead if at all possible. There will be a late fee of $10.00 for the first 5 minutes and $2 per minute after that which needs to be paid to the teachers staying late.

  1. Arrival

Please assist your child in putting his or her coat and personal belongings in his or her locker. Help your child get involved in the group activity, playing with a favorite toy etc. Use whatever techniques you find best to help your child make the transition from home to centre.

Please ensure that you complete the sign in sheet. Fill in your child’s name the time of arrival, your initials and any information that is helpful. For example, noting a poor night’s sleep, your child is being picked up by a relative, or any other information that would be important to the staff in caring for your child.

  1. Departure

 Departure time is smoothest when you allow your child to finish his or her activity before leaving. It also shows the child that you value what he/she does and that you share his or her pride in their accomplishments. Use whatever techniques you find help you and your child/ren gather his or her belongings.

Please complete the sign out sheets with your initials and time of departure.

Only the people you have designated on your admission forms may take your child from the centre. You must give the centre specific written and dated instructions in order to permit someone else to pick up your child. Please ensue that the designated persons have ID in the event staff has not met them.

N.B. All designated persons must be at 18 years +.

  1. Winter Rules

On Snowy or slushy days, please remove your boots or shoes at the entrance to the centres in order to avoid tracking in snow.

  1. Fees

Deposit: Fifty per cent of a month’s fee is held on deposit. A non-refundable $20.00 registration fee and membership fee of $25.00 will be charged (renewed annually at $5.00).  After giving one month’s notice in writing your deposit will be subtracted from your final invoice.

Payment of Fees:  Fees are due by the first of the month. All parents are to sign up for the electronic funds transfer.  Invoices will be sent out at least one week before withdrawal from your account. Please check your invoice and notify the Executive Directors of any discrepancies.

Illness or Vacation:  There is no deduction of fees when a child is absent for illness or vacation.

N.S.F through E.F.T. or Cheque: Payments that do not go through due to N.S.F. will have an additional $25.00 administration fee charged including any bank charges.

  1. Income Tax Receipts

Income tax receipts are provided in February at each location. There will be an administration fee of $10.00 if replacement receipts are requested. If you withdraw your child from the centre during the year, the receipt will be mailed to you.

  1. Fee Increase

The board of Directors reviews the fees annually.

Revised schedules are posted in advance, stating when the fee changes will be in effect.

  1. Special Arrangements during Maternity and Parental leave.

Children who are enrolled at the centres may continue part time while their mother’s are on maternity leave or if a parent is on parental/adoptive leave. Please discuss arrangements with the Executive Directors. In these circumstances, fees are charged on a daily basis, equivalent to the monthly rate for the child’s group.

  1. Part-time Attendance

      Full days/Part time

Arrangements may be made in writing to the Executive Directors for a child to attend the daycare for specific days of each week. Payments must be made at the start of each month for the number of days booked. (Days cannot be change unless requested in writing and approved by the Executive Directors)

  1. Naps

Pre-schoolers nap between 12.00 and 2.00. Children who are unable to sleep are given quiet activities.

  1. Fire Drills and Inspections

Fire drills are conducted monthly and recorded in our logbook. There are fire alarms and fire extinguishers on each floor.

Fire Inspections for all the emergency lighting and equipment is conducted each year by a trained technician, in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code.

  1. Traditions of Little paw daycare

Annual Production: Each year, we put together a wonderful stage production!! We aim for something that uses the talents of all the children equally. Parents are encouraged to get involved.

Parent Interviews:  February is the perfect time to get together with the parents to discuss the children’s progress and to talk about their children’s goals for the rest the year.

Scholastic Fair: The same night that we have our parent teacher interviews we set up the gym with our annual book fair while parents wait for their allotted time. It is always a fun time for the children to help choose books for their classrooms.

Class Pictures: In the fall a professional photographer holds photo sessions at each of our locations. You have the option of purchasing your child’s package, which includes individual portraits of your child, as well as a “class picture”. The date of the pictures will be posted well in advance so you can select the clothing for the picture.

  1. Field Trips

Field trips are organized for all children aged 2 and up. All parents are required to sign a consent form for all trips.

  1. Transfer Schedule

When your child is ready and the centre has space your child will be moved up.

  1. Summer Camp

Pre-School programs operate year-round, but we offer care in the summer for our Kindergartens and School Age Children.

Registration forms are available on our website at the end of February each year.

  1. Privacy

 Little paw daycare is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information of its service recipients, members and other stakeholders. All personal information is dealt with according to the principles of transparency and accountability. All personal information that is collected is carefully protected in accordance with the privacy act.

During the normal course of administrative processes, it may be necessary to release certain information about student and/or families to the provincial regulators. Children may be videotaped or photographed at Little paw daycare and the videos or photographs may be used at the centre only and will not be distributed or published  (via the internet or any other means) without written consent of the Little paw daycare and/or parents.

  1. Admission Policy

To apply for Daycare a waiting list application form must be filled out.  Waiting List forms can be filled out on our website or by email or dropped off in person at 614 Brimley rd.

Once a space has been confirmed you will be contacted a deposit, membership and registration fee will be required to guarantee your spot.

Once your space has been guaranteed you will receive the application package. All relevant forms are required to be filled out before your child’s start date.

For Pre-School the supervisor will discuss the start date and break-in period for the child.  Once your deposit has been received any cancellations requires three months’ notice in order to receive a refund of the deposit. Parents are also advised that any change of start date will be accommodated if possible but is not guaranteed and three months’ notice is required.

Handbooks are available on our website and also there is a hard copy at the centre.

  1. Withdrawal Policy

Written notice of intention to withdraw the child must be given by the parent(s) to the centre no less than 1 month (the 1st of the month). Failure to give such notice will result in retention of the deposit in lieu of notice.

Withdrawal by Centre

1) Non-payment of childcare fees will result in immediate withdrawal of child.

2) Every effort is made to ensure a space when your child is ready to transfer into the next age group. If       there are no spaces available notice will be given to the parents advising them of the date of withdrawal.

3) When children are withdrawn due to the centre’s inability to accommodate the child’s needs the procedure will include:

  1.   a) Documentation of meeting with parents
  2. b) Children’s services Consultant notified
  3. c) Board notified
  4.  d) Outside agency involvement where appropriate.
  1. Non-Discrimination/Anti-Racism Policy

 Incorporated with the Centres philosophy that each person is a human being entitled to respect, we state that it is our aim to provide quality childcare without bias, judgment, or discrimination to children and their families.

We maintain an environment of equality for everyone and treat staff, children, family members, board members and visitors with dignity and respect regardless of the person’s race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, religion, sex, sex orientation, age, marital status, family status or physical abilities.

Services of Little paw daycare are offered to all children between the ages 2 years and 12 years of age, provided that there is a physical space available in the child’s particular age group and that satisfactory fee payment arrangements can be made.

  1. Planned and Unplanned Closures

There may be occasions in which safety concerns will cause us to close the Centre. (Flood, severe weather etc.) In these circumstances, as we will continue to have the same financial responsibilities, fees will not be refunded.

Closure Communication

Early or non-planned closure: We will contact you via e-mail and/or phone.

Planned Closure: We will contact you via e-mail or there will be written notices on your cubbies.

Please check the radio or television news for updates on closures due to the weather conditions.


  1. PARKING (614 Brimley Rd.)


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